Business Insider Attacks President-elect Donald Trump on Vaccines!

Lindsay Dodgson from Business Insider is saying that Donald Trump “couldn’t be more wrong” on the issue of vaccines.  See the article here: I must say that I am glad that President-elect Donald Trump is not scared of the Big Pharma lobby, nor of real science.  I am sure that he will demand that … [Read more…]

Grab a Pen and Paper, a Folder…

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, grab a folder, and get started.  The only way we are going to win this fight is if we each start acting.  Now! Take your address, and find out who each of your representatives are.  From Congress, the Senate, your state senator, your mayor, your Governor, and … [Read more…]

Measles “Outbreak”

Here is an example of how the media distorts facts and information.  This article shows a graphic of measles outbreaks.  They spent a lot of time coloring each state a darker shade of red for each extra measles case that occurred in that state.  Then they went ahead and showed a historical chart of Measles … [Read more…]