Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuit for 25 million USD, Media Makes a Big Deal About It

So President-Elect Donald Trump just settled the Trump University Lawsuit for 25 million dollars, and the media makes a big deal about it.  GlaxoSmithKline settles a lawsuit for 3 billion dollars, media doesn’t care… See for yourself here: Anyway, just saying, maybe President-elect Donald Trump is on to something when he says the media … [Read more…]

Business Insider Attacks President-elect Donald Trump on Vaccines!

Lindsay Dodgson from Business Insider is saying that Donald Trump “couldn’t be more wrong” on the issue of vaccines.  See the article here: I must say that I am glad that President-elect Donald Trump is not scared of the Big Pharma lobby, nor of real science.  I am sure that he will demand that … [Read more…]

CDC Employees Are Getting Scared! Let’s hope Donald Trump does indeed appoint public health officials that do not support mandatory vaccinations.  Let’s hope Donal Trump will get the CDC Whistleblower to testify in front of Congress, and let’s hope he does something to get some real science out of the CDC! For the newcomers, here is why I don’t … [Read more…]