How Big is the Vaccine Industry?

I saw a beautifully written Facebook comment by Louise Kuo Habakus that gave a well-thought out argument questioning the safety of vaccines and the vaccine industry.  One part of her post referenced a paper that says the Vaccine Industry is currently $33 billion dollars per year and is expected to reach $58 billion dollars by 2019.

The paper that she references is available here:

A quick look at the page shows an “Add to Cart” option with “single user license” priced at $4,650 dollars which is out of my budget for such a paper.  Instead I will give the summary a quick read and see if I can get access to this paper via another method such as a public library…etc

Regardless, however, this article shows that there is indeed an Industry of this great magnitude, and let us not forget that this revenue stream of $33 billion dollars per year is immune from lawsuits, so it is indeed a cash cow for many people.

At the very least I want to find out which companies are included in this Industry and to run some Financials on them to show exactly how much money gets paid to its shareholders in Dividends each year.

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