A Challenge

So since this blog is relatively new, but it has been quick to getting some traffic because this blog is about a very “controversial” subject.  I wanted to challenge all the people who believe vaccines are safe to do the following:

Comment on this post with any documented study showing vaccines are safe.

Save us some time and describe what the control and variant groups were in any vaccine safety study that you reference.

If you can provide anything that is not “tobacco science”, you will squash the whole anti-vaccination movement in a split second.  Since I do not expect anybody to post such a study, I will start with the Center for Disease Control.  They have a page called “Possible Side-Effects from Vaccines”, see http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/side-effects.htm.  Now go to that site, and tell me how hard it is for you to find a link to an actual safety study.  I’m still searching.  But when I do, I will take apart each study one at a time.  And if I do find one safety study that did indeed follow the Scientific Method, I will post it here.  But I think I will have an easier time finding an exit sign in a casino before I find such a thing on the CDC website.


P.S. I think I found a list of safety studies:


I will take a look at this link tomorrow.  You know what? Why don’t you click on the link above, and scroll down a random number of mouse-wheel clicks, and pick a random study, read the abstract and post what the control and variant groups are as a comment to this post.  Or better yet, make your own blog and show, prove to anti vaccine people, or better yet, prove to yourself that vaccine are safe!

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