Measles “Outbreak”

Here is an example of how the media distorts facts and information.  This article shows a graphic of measles outbreaks.  They spent a lot of time coloring each state a darker shade of red for each extra measles case that occurred in that state.  Then they went ahead and showed a historical chart of Measles cases from 1944 and on.  So why did they choose 1944? Why not 1904? Why not 1929? Well, at first I would guess that showing data before that would weaken their argument.  Anyway, check out the original article here and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many of the cases were in people already vaccinated against Measles?
  2. How many of the cases were adults, and how many were children?
  3. How many of the cases resulted in death?
  4. How many of the cases were severe?

Now I want you to ask yourself those 4 questions because many times a significant percentage of the cases for a particular disease are among already or recently vaccinated children.  You must also remember that vaccines do not offer lifelong immunity, and in most cases last only 2 to 10 years.  So think about that when you walk down the street, how many of the people riding in the same subway car as you do you think got their Measles booster within the CDC recommended timeline?  I also want you to think of the severity of each case because many times people get the Measles (or any other disease for that matter) and they don’t even know that they have the disease! Those people are probably “Health Nuts” that frequent health food stores and eat a diet rich in real food.  Those people also do not patronize places like McDonalds.  This reminds me of the Swine Flu (or was it the bird flu) scare of 2009.  I remember all of this reporting on this flu that is going to wipe out the country, and then the first person that died from it was someone who had gout.  My point is that people who are already sick, which is probably due to a poor lifestyle anyway, are the ones who likely get a disease in the first place.  (Think of it this way, roaches only infest a dirty house, if you want to get rid of roaches from your house just clean it)

On to the main event.  Why did they show 1946 to present instead of 1900 to present? The answer will likely not shock you as you are probably already used to being lied to/manipulated by the media.

According to this “random” website discussing Measles in the US, UK, and Australia:

Measles was already on its way out before the vaccine was introduced.  Here is a direct link to a graph showing Measles Cases and Measles Mortality charted for the period of 1912-1975


Now don’t laugh, because unlike the Reuters article, this “random” site on the internet lists its sources.

The paper showing this graph can be found in the “American Journal for Public Health” and you can link directly to the paper here:

Go to page 2 to see the chart.  It shows that Measles was already on its way out.  Think what you will of this information, but at least now you have a fair representation of what actually happened.

Was Measles less diagnosed after the vaccine? Was it insignificant? Why did it take the vaccine 4 years to effect Measles cases in this country? Was the vaccine given via a portable  vaccination bus that slowly drove around the country? I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but I do know that this chart changes the whole story, it adds an element of doubt into my mind that perhaps vaccines aren’t this “perfect miracle drug” that was invented and cured us of everything.  I wonder what will happen if I keep digging and find more information on other vaccines.  Will I find information that is similar to regular pharmaceuticals? Will I see that vaccines are no different than any other drug out there that is promoted by Big Pharma so that they can get money? Are the advances of Science and Research debauched by Corporate Executives looking to get a nice big stock option pay-out? Given what I have seen in my life, I think the truth is that scientists do some great research, and their bosses want to make money off of their work.  They takes vaccines, statistics and misreport the data, just as the media does with any information when they want to sway public opinion just as they did when they wanted us to go to war against Iraq back in 2003.  And remember, Pharmaceutical companies spend more than $1 billion dollars per year on average settling lawsuits under the “False Claims Act”.  Perhaps Measles being eradicated by vaccines is just another “False Claim”


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