An Analysis of DeStefano, Price, and Weintraub, 2013

So I went to the CDC website and spent some time digging around before I found this PDF document that discusses studies on the safety of Vaccines and Autism:

There are many studies referenced in this PDF, so I decided to start with the first one:

“Increasing Exposure to Antibody-Stimulating Proteins and Polysaccharides in Vaccines Is Not Associated with Risk of Autism”

Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH , Cristofer S. Price, ScM , and Eric S. Weintraub, MPH

Before I go into the details of this first study, I just wanted to directly quote a line from the CDC pdf, which in big letters at the start of the document states the following:

“The evidence is clear: vaccines do not cause autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This fact sheet provides a summary of studies that were conducted by CDC or with CDC’s involvement.”


So, here is a link to the first referenced study:

It was published in the “Journal of Pediatrics”, Volume 163, number 2 – August 2013.


So the “control” was a group of children that did not have autism or anything on the spectrum and the “test” group was called the ASD Control.  Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this logic backwards? If we are testing to see if ASD occurs in a group, should we not know whether or not the control and variant groups have ASD and determine that by the experiment?

Quick Analysis

Just go to page 564 and 565 of the pdf document (it starts on page 561).  On those pages are shown the number of ASD cases vs control cases of children based on 3 time periods:

  1. Birth to 3 months
  2. Birth to 7 months
  3. Birth to 2 years

Interesting… Smoking Gun?

The smoking gun however, is that as they compared one group of children that received a similar amount of vaccines as another group of children.  In other words, both groups were fully or almost completely vaccinated!

Just look on page 564.


This study compares the number of vaccine antigens that two groups of children received between:
  1. birth and 3 months
  2. birth and 7 months
  3. birth and 2 years
Another Question
How would this study have shown that a vaccine contains risks if the ASD status of both groups were pre-selected? Well, with the control group used in this study, that would be impossible!  So why did they do this study in the first place?  There is no mention of any children in the study who had no vaccines.  Nor the number of children who had various amounts of vaccines.
Tobacco Science Flaws:
  1. no under-vaccinated children in either group
  2. no unvaccinated children in either group
  3. no difference in vaccination rates of children studied
Similar to
This is Tobacco Science in the sense that you have two groups of people who are smokers.  You take a subset that has lung cancer and another subset that does not lung cancer, then you compare how many cigarettes each group smoked per day.  Of course, very few in either group smoked 1 cigarette or no cigarettes per day.
We need a real study.  Until that day, we demand a choice.  You can either spend the time now doing the research, or you can spend a lot more time later researching why
Support People Who Think
We all have friends who are Doctors, Scientists and Researchers.  Unfortunately, if they speak out or merely question studies like this, they will immediately be castigated by the Mainstream Media.  They will lose their jobs, homes, and livelihood. Even if vaccines are completely safe, if none of us are allowed to question them now, what will happen when the true cause of Autism is found by someone.  What if that person will not be allowed to speak out because they are speaking of a “sacred cow.”
All you have to do is write your local representative and ask them to support bills that provide for vaccination choice.
**UPDATE** Now that Donald Trump is our President-elect, contact the White House and let them know that you read the safety study put out by the CDC, which confirms that the Science is lacking and we need to do some real research!

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  1. Regressive autism is the type that is sweeping the nation with now 1 in 80 children victimized. DeStefano knows this and is lying because he thinks most people don t know of this difference. DeStefano you better get on Thompson and Hooker s side of the fence or you ll go down with the rest of them.

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