Grab a Pen and Paper, a Folder…

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, grab a folder, and get started.  The only way we are going to win this fight is if we each start acting.  Now!

Take your address, and find out who each of your representatives are.  From Congress, the Senate, your state senator, your mayor, your Governor, and your local representatives.

Print out all of this information and stick it in that folder on your desk at home, put it next to your bedside.  Whatever, however you do it, just do it.  It is better to spend a few hours per month trying, before you have to spend the rest of your life with regrets when you or a neighbors child gets damaged from a vaccine.

Then print out just one study from the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Underline, highlight, do whatever you can to identify the control and variant groups.  Then take that piece of paper and mail it to your representatives.  You don’t have to convince them to take action now, you first have to convince them the truth.

I was recently at a networking event, and I met an employee of a large Cancer treatment center.  I said that I don’t believe mainstream research on pharmaceuticals, and then I said that “but what would happen to my friends in Research, my friends in Medicine if they came out and said that ‘pill a showed a correlation for tumor growth in rates, perhaps this drug is not safe for humans?’.”  I paused, and then I asked if anybody would come out and support that person.  Would anybody pay their student loans? What would happen to that doctor/researcher?

They would stand alone.

So that is why we must tell our representatives why we believe what we do and back it up with research.  Then we have to show our representatives that we will support them whenever they go against lobbyists.  We can do this by stopping our support for Big (Large) Pharma, and by supporting our representatives whenever they stand up for us.

Now go do it!

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