Review of Pro-Vaccination Youtube Video

So this morning I saw the youtube video: “From Jenner to Wakefield: The long shadow of the anti-vaccination movement”

This was a recording from a lecture given at Gresham College in the United Kingdom that is very pro-vaccine and very anti “anti-vaccine.”  Well, I really want children to be safe from the damages caused by vaccines,  or at least for there to be a few truly scientific studies done to assess the safety and efficacy of vaccines, so we can at least administer them safely and minimize harm done to children.  So I decided to do what very few people have the courage to do, and that is to start watching videos from the “other side.”  Experts in the mainstream media often say that people believe in conspiracy theories because they suffer from cognitive dissonance issues that does not allow them to listen to other opinions because of the mental pain it causes them to realize they are wrong.

At time 49:45 of the video, the lecturer says “Please look them up, and make up your own mind.”  See, that is the problem with people today, they do not make up their own minds, and they are subject to “group-think”, and they believe whatever it is they see on television or read in the newspapers.  So in a way, I have already taken this lecturers advice and have “looked them up” and “made up my own mind” and believe me, if you start reading vaccine safety papers you will come to the same conclusion as me, which is that there is no real safety testing done.

I am currently scared of vaccines, I think that there is some valid science behind it, but Capitalism has destroyed that science and turned it into a profit machine for Big Pharma, which by the way has given Hillary Clinton a lot of money.  (Visit this link and select “Pharmaceuticals/Health Products” (Clinton: $10 million, Bush: $1.4 million, Cruz: $441k, Trump: $108k)

So the video doesn’t say anything to convince someone like me that I am wrong other than calling me a wack-O or a conspiracy theorist, it just says that “vaccines are safe and effective”.  If you really want to convince me, then tell me about safety studies, how they are done, why there are no studies with real control groups, why don’t they experiment with delaying vaccines on some people, why don’t they study groups of people that already do not vaccinate, why they don’t use primates in studies with real placebos (not placebos with aluminum in them)…etc.

So watch the video, and the next time your doctor tells you to take the flu shot, ask him a few questions, and when a random blogger on the internet knows more about your flu shot than your doctor, well, then you have a problem.

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