Business Insider Attacks President-elect Donald Trump on Vaccines!

Lindsay Dodgson from Business Insider is saying that Donald Trump “couldn’t be more wrong” on the issue of vaccines.  See the article here:

I must say that I am glad that President-elect Donald Trump is not scared of the Big Pharma lobby, nor of real science.  I am sure that he will demand that the CDC Whistleblower be brought in front of congress to testify about his experiences with manipulating data to hide a link between MMR and autism in African-American boys.

Lindsay, here is what I have to say to you:

  1. The science is never settled, ever
  2. Vaccines are not 100% safe, if they are, then why is there a special court set up to compensate victims of vaccine injury? (see
  3. So if vaccines are not 100% safe, well, then how safe are they? Where are the numbers? Do they fit with claims made to the vaccine court? Do they fit with studies? How come there are no studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated? And finally, if they are so safe, why did the industry have to lobby to get immunity?
  4. The “anti-vaccination” movement did not begin with Andrew Wakefields’ Lancet published study, it started a long time before that, and reached a peak in the 1980’s, which led to industry lobbying to provide Vaccine Manufacturers with immunity from injured children.
  5. The mere fact that Big Pharma had to lobby to get immunity from lawsuits should be enough proof to know that they are hiding something.
  6. The mere fact that Big Pharma settles lawsuits for regular drugs each year in amounts greater than the entire Catholic Church scandal should speak volumes. (Big Pharma pays close to $2 billion per year settling lawsuits)
  7. Andrew Wakefields #2 scientist from that paper, Dr. Walker-Smith, also lost his license, but he brought suit and was fully reinstated.  Andrew Wakefield did not bring suit, and was not reinstated.

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